Wedding Cake vs Cupcakes

4 Nov

Wedding Cake vs Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes are a growing trend that may even overtake the traditional Wedding Cake in popularity. When you look at the pros of theses charming little desserts you can see why they are gaining on the mighty wedding cake.

Wedding Cupcakes

Advantages of Wedding Cupcakes

~ Easily Customizable, You can have an assortment of flavours and decorate them each differently. For example- if you colour scheme is Pink, Brown and White you could top the chocolate cupcakes with white frosting, Vanilla ones with pink frosting and Cherry cupcakes with Chocolate icing. You can even make some special ones if you have guests with food intolerances (celiac, diabetic etc.)

~ Very Affordable- The process of baking cupcakes is much less complicated and time consuming than creating a large wedding cake and therefore lower in price. These are easy to serve and require less staff to serve and also fewer plates which will also decrease your overall catering cost. It also eliminates the need for a cake serving set. Servers can deliver the cupcakes to the tables or you can invite guests to come and make their selection themselves.

~You may even be able to tackle them as a DIY project. You can start practicing months in advance so you have the technique perfected before your wedding day. Your friends and co-workers will be very pleased to help you handle the experimental batches!

~Easy to Transport- Anyone who has even watch “The Cake Boss” on TLC has seen the dangers of transporting a wedding cake from the bakery to the reception hall. You can save yourself the headache and the expense by selecting cupcakes which can be moved in boxes and arranged in place at the hall.

~You could even arrange the cupcakes as part of a centerpiece. Some bakers rent Cupcake Holders or you could purchase simple cake plates or stands for each table. The cost of these cake plates will likely still be less than floral arrangements or candles.

Wilton Cupcake Stand- Available in Small Medium and Large

~Instead of leftover cake pieces, you will have beautiful complete little desserts that can be sent home with guests or served at any post-wedding events such as the gift opening. You can even have extras made so that you can be sure to send some home for your guests’ children who did not attend the wedding reception.

~ Like the idea of cupcakes but still want to have the cake cutting ceremony? Consider a “hybrid” concept. Order a small single layer cake that can be cut for pictures and then frozon until the first anniversary but arrange cupcakes around the cake table that are for the guests. You can still use a favourite cake topper, pose for the cake feeding pictures and still take advantage of all the pros of serving cupcakes! Another way to combine the cake and cupcake idea is to order tiny cakes for each guest. They are the size of a cupcake but they are iced with fondant and look a bit more formal.

~One major selling feature of the wedding cake is the fact that it makes such a stunning showpiece at the wedding reception. This can also be accomplished with cupcakes. You will likely want to use a cupcake stand so that you have some elevation on the table. A Cake Topper can still be used as a display item in front of the cupcake display and you can still “feed” one another with a cupcake.

Wedding Cupcakes can be just as stunning as a wedding cake

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